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Custom Fertility Plan

Soil sample analysis and good maps are the foundation for building a strong crop fertility plan, so these are the first components of the plan that ACS focuses on. Then, through communication and collaboration with the farm, ACS gathers as much information as possible about the crops, rotation plan, current fertilizer use, and current needs and/or opportunities.

The result is a plan that includes unbiased, independent recommendations based on the farm’s specific needs. Included are a set of professionally created maps that can help you and your team communicate clearly to help you reach your crop goals.

ACS Custom Fertility Plan includes:

  • Professional field management maps
  • Wall-size farm overview map
  • An organized crop history report to build future plans
  • Updated soil tests for each of your fields
  • Custom fertilizer blends for each crop, compatible with your farm operation
  • Specific nutrient recommendations for each crop customized for your farm
  • Summaries of the nutrients that your final plan calls for, maximizing the return on fertilizer
  • An option to have your plan evaluated and updated as things change throughout the year