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CAFO Support

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations require many important parts that farmers may not always have the time to handle, that’s where ACS steps in to help.


  • People: ACS has individuals with a wide range of experience and specialties. Our planners and agronomists are Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) with the expertise to develop the right plan for your operation. Each CAFO farm is assigned an agonomist and an environmental consultant.
  • Experience: ACS has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients through DEC inspections, EPA inspections, and even civil lawsuits from farm neighbors. These challenges have provided a foundation of experience that clients value. ACS professionals know what you need to navigate the complex environmental climate of today’s CAFO operation.
  • Maps: ACS works with Agrinetix, LLC to bring the most advanced mapping capabilities in the industry. ACS provides whole farm overview maps as well as a variety of maps to meet your compliance, cropping, and manure spreading needs.
  • Collaboration with Universities, State Environmental Protection Agencies, and the NRCS: ACS works with clients to participate and support a variety of research projects. We also work with State agencies (such as NYS DEC, PA DEP, and VT DEC) and the NRCS. Through ACS’s relationship with these agencies, we continually are at work to help shape the policies that impact farm businesses.

At the end of the day, ACS takes a team approach to CAFO support, and shares seamless data communication between our environmental planner and agronomist. ACS is committed to a timely delivery of services to farmers while valuing long-term individual relationships.