Agricultural Consulting Services, Inc. (ACS) collects data and consults with farmers to help them grow better crops and navigate complex and changing environmental regulations.

We help farmers optimize soil fertility, identify and control pests, and manage the land to minimize erosion and nutrient losses. ACS believes in farming, science-based decision making, and that each of us makes a difference for farmers today and for future generations.

Essential to Success

Tom is a top-notch crop advisor and despite the ever-shrinking income available, we consider him essential to the success of our dairy and a service we cannot do without. His commonsense approach and willingness to assist us when we need his input is invaluable to our dairy.

Reg Chaput, Chaput Family Farms

Latest Technology and Techniques

Working with ACS helps us keep up with the latest technology and techniques. Knowing what other farms are trying and having success with or not influences some of our decisions.

Dave Conant, Conant's Riverside Farms

Better Utilization

We rely on Ryan and John a lot to keep us one step ahead of regulations- I can't overstate the importance of that. Besides just being in compliance, we want to be able to better utilize our manure.

Aj Wormuth, Half Full Dairy